July Writing Workshop

I had immense fun at my second workshop, held at the wonderful ‘Kiss Me Cupcakes & Cakes’ in South Birmingham! The attendees were very enthusiastic and eager to learn how to create Character Profiles, which was the topic of the workshop. We were focussing on ‘Antagonists’ as often people I speak to say these are the most difficult to pin down effectively.

A large portion of the workshop looked at creating profiles for our characters and how these could evolve. Basic physical considerations are always useful for the start of any project, so you can remember hair/eye colour as your first draft pours onto the page (hopefully!).

We then ‘grew’ our character profiles, adding depth and exploring them more deeply looking at: flaws; social standing; political or religious views; family heritage; language and cultural background; role in society/our storyline.

Much fun was had discussing antagonists with good intentions, who are not necessarily evil villains but those with opposing views to the protagonist. The ‘good’ antagonist had many layers and led us onto other types of antagonists who were departures from the stereotypically ‘evil’ characters found in many books and films.

I enjoy these workshops, and my regular writing group that I run, immensely. They are as much about learning from the attendees, as much as me sharing my knowledge with others. It’s wonderfully satisfying to be in a room with like-minded writers and to dissect a topic people are passionate about. I’ll be booking another one soon!

Happy writing!


About E S Moxon

E S MOXON has had a lifelong passion for history and writing. A childhood filled with family visits to ancient burial sites and stone circles fuelled her imagination. Inspired by classic medieval tales and Norse sagas, Elaine imagined herself inhabiting these Dark Ages and exploring the landscapes in her mind and continues to do so through her novels. The first in her ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series is ‘WULFSUNA’ and books two and three are in progress. When not lost in pages of the past, she lives in the Midlands with her family.
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