September Writing Workshop


On Saturday 15th September 2018 I held another Writing Workshop at Kiss Me Cupcakes & Cakes and we were discussing how to keep momentum when writing. This is something every writer at every level can have issue with, not merely beginners.

It was an interesting workshop from the start, as we had some French nationals join us (putting my A-Level French to the test as it has been out of action for some time!). Everyone swiftly entered into the spirit of things and very soon we were identifying our writing ‘type’ – where we write best, how we write best and what tools we require to write at our best.

From this we were able to analyse what happens when we lose sight of these, or when distractions intervene, such as social media, the housework, email notifications and a multitude of other interruptions that can drag us away from our craft. We dissected what creates the formidable Writers’ Block many fear and some solutions to overcome it.

Some of these solutions included dispelling our fears of the first draft (worrying about spelling or grammar perfection) or being wary of setting ourselves unattainable goals for regular wordcount, which saps enthusiasm when we fail to reach them. We talked about things that might motivate us, such as rewarding ourselves when we reach certain, small goals. And we examined some techniques to bring our enthusiasm and momentum back into the craft.

This involved several fun activities where we interviewed our main characters, asking them key questions to move the plot forward, and discussing what would happen if we changed the genre of our story. This latter technique revealed some fascinating scenarios! Try it with your own work for some imaginative alternatives to your plot.

Attendees’ Responses:

‘I found the concept of asking your characters about themselves to be very interesting.’ – G

‘I really enjoyed the exchange of experience and the conversation going around.’ – E

‘Vous m’avez motive a me lancer dans l’ecriture. J’ai beaucoup d’idee et une bonne expression ecrite je pense.’ – Z

‘I like having a project to get on with for the next meeting!’ – S

‘Brilliant – really enjoyed it and it’s helping build my confidence. Thank you! – D



About E S Moxon

E S MOXON has had a lifelong passion for history and writing. A childhood filled with family visits to ancient burial sites and stone circles fuelled her imagination. Inspired by classic medieval tales and Norse sagas, Elaine imagined herself inhabiting these Dark Ages and exploring the landscapes in her mind and continues to do so through her novels. The first in her ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series is ‘WULFSUNA’ and books two and three are in progress. When not lost in pages of the past, she lives in the Midlands with her family.
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