New Year, New Projects!



The new year is, for most of us, a time of reflection and decision-making, seeking new directions and exploring new territory. For me this mostly involved balancing my craft with parenthood, which has its challenges, but I can say proudly that I met them head-on in 2018 (even if all my personal goals were not met!).

A sabbatical from social media during 2018 aided me in my pursuits, clearing my thoughts and providing me with time and inspiration. I had time to write and time to nurture (my writing and my family). It has been an immensely fulfilling year for me and I trust you, my readers, will have been patient with my absence. I can promise you it will be worthwhile!

once upon a time


We all need to take a step back from the rigours of life now and then, to re-assess priorities and gain focus for the times ahead. I am always in awe of others who seem capable of obtaining the ultimate work-life balance utopia. In the Moxon household family comes first, but we managed nevertheless to find moments where we could enjoy the pleasures of our craft: music and words filled our home and we have entered 2019 with renewed enthusiasm and new routines.

I hope you will join me in all the excitement 2019 will bring for the ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series! The second saga is ready for editing, the third saga (first draft) is half-way and there is a novella prequel in the works.

In the meantime, I have an announcement coming soon for a special project I have been working on since last Autumn. Word-nerds and linguaphiles among you should be suitably intrigued and I cannot wait to share the news with you all!

Bright Blessings for 2019, Elaine xXx


About E S Moxon

E S MOXON has had a lifelong passion for history and writing. A childhood filled with family visits to ancient burial sites and stone circles fuelled her imagination. Inspired by classic medieval tales and Norse sagas, Elaine imagined herself inhabiting these Dark Ages and exploring the landscapes in her mind and continues to do so through her novels. The first in her ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series is ‘WULFSUNA’ and books two and three are in progress. When not lost in pages of the past, she lives in the Midlands with her family.
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2 Responses to New Year, New Projects!

  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it all emerge into the world 🙂

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