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As you may have seen on my ‘Books’ page or on social media, I have a new publication launching on 1st August 2020. It’s very exciting, but it’s not the only project I have been working on.

Prior to the UK lockdown, I was working on three other pieces of work, which I suspended so I could focus on the completion of my latest publication. Once that launches, however, I shall be returning to these three items and thought you may be interested to know more about them.

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Saxons in a shield wall

Prequel Novella: I wanted to explore the young life of Lord Wulfric from ‘WULFSUNA’, as well as provide myself with some smaller projects to work on in between full-length novels. This will be the first of several novellas sold in digital-only format.

The prequel follows a young Wulfric, from his early days in the Foederati fighting for Rome against Gaul, defending a fort at Hadrian’s Wall and the return of the Wolf Sons to Germania. Follow its journey to publication here!

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Wolf in Black and White

Wolf Spear Saga 2: The second novel in my series has been going through an edit and I’d like it to launch after the Prequel Novella, late 2021. This story follows on a couple of decades after WULFSUNA. As you may imagine, you will find old friends and some new youth among the Wolf Sons, as we are introduced to their growing settlement in Bryton.

Expect sibling and tribal rivalry, subterfuge, treachery, romance and epic twists in the Wolf Spear Saga style. Witchcraft and fast-paced battles run throughout the tale, as once again we see the Saga entwine a Seer and a Wolf Spear into the path of the infamous legend.

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Icy northern rapids

Wolf Spear Saga 3: My third novel in the series has a more northern feel and is another two decades after Wolf Spear Saga 2. We are creeping towards the end of the 5th Century and the world is changing. So too are the Wulfsuna. Set on two continents, this tale introduces new and quite different characters, as well as continuing the lives of some of those from Wolf Spear Saga 2.

Hengest is building his Great Weald in the south of Bryton, warriors of the North Way are pillaging towns up and down her riverways and the ‘Sommerly’ are fighting to retain their northern lands from foes at home and from abroad. Saga twists, sorcery and a darker thread to the series.

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Inspiration in Hibernation

Well, here we all are, inside and in hibernation like our friends the hedgehogs and butterflies. We too hope to emerge from our semi-detached and terraced cocoons, into the sunshine, en masse in a wave of happiness. Will people dance, sing or shout? Or will the world merely become a little busier?

For many, life is unrecognisable as they become accustomed to no commute for work, finding space to work at home with the whole family milling around and learning how to do school without going to school. It’s strange and frustrating. But it will get better.

When I began Home Schooling last July, it was all rather weird and uncomfortable; routines had disappeared and we desperately needed new ones. Parenting a child with SEN is challenging and rewarding and routines are your rock, your life-saver. Small things, like having a daily chart that we can blu-tac activities to and then remove, are a boon.

Try making one! Use an A4 sheet with ‘TODAY’ written on it: cut another piece of paper into squares and write/draw things like ‘dinner’, ‘reading’, ‘crafts’, ‘tablet time’ or ‘lunch’. Kids love to remove the activity once complete and it’s an easy way to set up a rota in the morning – sticking on your squares. Use coloured pens to liven it up.

We now also have some Home Holiday Rules (I don’t like using the term ‘isolation’): Every night is movie night; Good hand-washing; one item of breakfast each; family board games; elbow kissing is fun.

I’m also sharing some inspirational photos and poetry on my blog site https://elainemoxon.blogspot.com/2020/03/hibernation-inspiration-1.html

Stay safe, have fun together and the reunions will be special around the world.

Bright Blessings, Elaine xXx


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Into the New


A lot has happened this year to occupy people’s minds. There will still be much to occupy people’s minds as we move into the new year. I have had plenty to occupy me, not least completing the first draft of my third Wolf Spear Saga, editing my second Wolf Spear Saga, putting the final touches to a special side project and becoming a home educator. I have had much pleasure from building my local writers’ group, seeing others flourish and progress. It’s so satisfying, being able to share experiences and explore writing with others.


Finding a new life/work balance has taken a while, but I feel it’s always good to have some time to review where you are and where you are going. Well, going into 2020 I have several projects that I hope will emerge into the world. I’m not one to rush anything and like to know I’ve taken all the necessary time to ensure I’m happy with my creations. I look forward to releasing more of my work in the new year; of sharing them with you all.


In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Yuletide and best wishes for the new year. Remember to set yourselves achievable goals and, most of all, to enjoy writing and enjoy life.

Love & Light, Elaine xXx

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New Year, New Projects!



The new year is, for most of us, a time of reflection and decision-making, seeking new directions and exploring new territory. For me this mostly involved balancing my craft with parenthood, which has its challenges, but I can say proudly that I met them head-on in 2018 (even if all my personal goals were not met!).

A sabbatical from social media during 2018 aided me in my pursuits, clearing my thoughts and providing me with time and inspiration. I had time to write and time to nurture (my writing and my family). It has been an immensely fulfilling year for me and I trust you, my readers, will have been patient with my absence. I can promise you it will be worthwhile!

once upon a time


We all need to take a step back from the rigours of life now and then, to re-assess priorities and gain focus for the times ahead. I am always in awe of others who seem capable of obtaining the ultimate work-life balance utopia. In the Moxon household family comes first, but we managed nevertheless to find moments where we could enjoy the pleasures of our craft: music and words filled our home and we have entered 2019 with renewed enthusiasm and new routines.

I hope you will join me in all the excitement 2019 will bring for the ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series! The second saga is ready for editing, the third saga (first draft) is half-way and there is a novella prequel in the works.

In the meantime, I have an announcement coming soon for a special project I have been working on since last Autumn. Word-nerds and linguaphiles among you should be suitably intrigued and I cannot wait to share the news with you all!

Bright Blessings for 2019, Elaine xXx


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