Angles in our Midst?

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In my Wolf Spear Saga series the tribe of the Wolf Sons that give my first novel its name of ‘WULFSUNA’ are from Sachsen; they are Saxons, not Angles. The Angles that feature in my series appear as enemies to the Wolf Sons because of their betrayal of Wulfric. Historically, however, not much distinguishes these two kingdoms from each other. In reality, there were Angles and Saxons who would likely have been limitanei and/or foederati side-by-side for the Roman Empire in Britain and throughout the empire. I merely chose to have these two tribes in opposition for the purposes of my Wolf Spear Saga, to define my Wolf Sons from any other Germanic kingdom.

The Angles are no evil, arbitrary tribe out to attack the Saxons. The Angles of my story belong to Eadmaer’s tribe of ‘the boars’, tha Eforas; their leader is a supposed ally to Wulfric and Wulfgar, but he has his own ‘dream’ agenda – following the footsteps and intentions of his father, Maerard. If you have read ‘WULFSUNA’ you will have heard mention of how, when it came to leave a deteriorating Bryton and return to Germania, Maerard wanted to seek alliance with the Pictii. He saw them as a strong force who, in the absence of Rome, would take control of the isle. They would become the ruling tribe, in Maerard’s opinion.

Boar family

He would have been right, were it not for limitanei and foederati who settled or became billeted in local towns that the Romano-British leaders paid to fend off these people. There are mentions in historical writings of Angles and Picts coming together to secure land and wedding their daughters to cement alliances. Maerard would have been one such tribal leader, whispered of in past documents, had he not met a different fate.

So it was not to be, at least not during the reign of Lord Wulfgar. Those that sailed from the fens that day though – where did they go? Did they continue to sail north up the coast in search of these blue painted tribes? Were they able to secure an alliance with them, in exchange for the whereabouts of some foederati descendants? Surely the Pictii would pay good coin, or give land and brides to any who could point them in the direction of the foes who had hounded them ‘per lineum valli’…along the Wall?

Hadrians Wall

In my second Wolf Spear Saga, tha Eforas, are a more distant thorn in the side of my men of the Seax, my Seaxans of Wulfgarsaetan (Wulfgar’s settlement). While Wulfsuna were building a kingdom in the heart of the isle, expanding and trading among Romano-British and Wealisc (Celtic) communities, Eadmaer’s Angles have dug-in further north. Without mercenaries to harass them, the Pictii accompany Eadmaer’s Angles, moving southwards into territory they longed to capture during Roman occupation.

However, they are merely a secondary concern for the characters of my second novel in my series. The sights of a few are set much further north and once again, innocent bystanders will be brought under the immense and inescapable power of the infamous Wolf Spear Saga.


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Local History

UPDATE: It is a pity, but I have to report that the road discovered below was in fact only 18th Century. As a result of this more recent dating, it was not deemed worthy of saving. However, we are grateful of a brief glimpse into the past.

A small slice of history has been unearthed in my home city. It had been just a short way beneath our feet and we never knew! A Roman or Saxon road has been found under excavation works in Victoria Square as part of the Midland Metro expansion works.


Roman Road

[photo courtesy of Birmingham Mail]

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GOOD NEWS! ‘WULFSUNA’ is now available in hardback from all usual retailers, as well as Book Depository, Foyles, Waterstones and Fishpond plus several others.

9781781322734-Perfect.indd Continue reading

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Bristol Festival of Literature: 2016


This was my second year at the Bristol Festival of Literature and I very much enjoyed myself! Unlike the previous year I wasn’t featuring on a panel and, although that was a fabulous opportunity, it was good to simply be a participating writer in attendance. I took along a friend who loves reading and is a regular member of a book club. I find these events are often enhanced by good company and for us, the entire weekend was our special treat. Continue reading

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London Book Fair 2016 – an author’s view


Well, my first London Book Fair is over. I left with a tinge of sadness, wishing I had spent more than a mere six hours swimming in a sea of books. What a day! Continue reading

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Making Words Go Further…


Well, it’s been an exciting few months since I last posted. Since my first video diary I’ve been busy writing and researching more of my second novel in the Wolf Spear Saga series. I’m hoping to have a second video diary for you soon and perhaps a little taster from book two! Continue reading

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Party Time!



CONGRATULATIONS to the winners –

1st Prize – Marsha will receive a signed paperback copy of ‘WULFSUNA’ & a 2016 SilverWood calendar.

2nd Prize – Kat will receive a 2016 SilverWood calendar.

3rd Prize – Guthbrand will receive a 2016 SilverWood calendar.

For those of you who did not win, you can still purchase a copy of the SilverWood calendar for ONLY £4.99 here and there’s FREE p&p for a limited time!

And you can head over to my ‘Books’ page for links to purchase ‘WULFSUNA’ in paperback or eBook.

Finally, I’d like to extend a BIG ‘Thank You’ to everyone who participated in the WULFSUNA BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY, to celebrate the anniversary of the publication of ‘WULFSUNA’. It’s been a fantastic year and wouldn’t have been possible without readers and my publishers SilverWood Books. Thank you to everyone who bought my book and also those who took the time to review it. It means so much to know my Wolf Spear Saga is out there for people to enjoy. I’m busy writing the second Saga in the series, which you can keep up to date with via my NEW ‘Video Diary’ page.

I wish you all a very happy New Year!

Elaine x

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