WULFSUNA is E S Moxon’s debut novel and will be released on 21st January 2015. The first adventure in the ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series, it centres around a 5th century Saxon tribe, the ‘Wolf Sons’ named in the title. Returning to Britain to honour their warrior-lord’s dream and reunite with kinfolk who remained on the isle following Rome’s departure, little do they know the ancient saga is weaving their destiny. Meanwhile, in a small village near the west coast, a young female seer is struggling with her new-found gift. Eventually paths cross and the saga unfolds, but a treacherous rival threatens their fate. The Wolf Sons are coming. View the book trailer for ‘Wulfsuna’ here:

You can purchase WULFSUNA in paperback direct from the publisher and it is available as an eBook via You can also purchase both paperback and eBook from Amazon.


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