Here you will find links to reviews for E S Moxon’s books. If you have read one of Elaine’s books don’t forget you can add a review on either Amazon or Goodreads. Feedback is always good for authors and other readers!


SJA Turney:

“The book is very well written. I’m not talking about the prose, the language, the copy etc, though I have to say they were all good. I found not one editing error or problem with the whole book. No. I’m talking about the writing itself. It is, I believe, one of the most difficult possible things for a writer to write convincingly from the point of view of the opposite sex, especially in a historical context. In no way would I ever be able to write convincingly a period piece among, for instance, Georgian ladies at leisure. One of them would inevitably grasp a gladius and dispatch another in a swathe of blood, with numerous fart jokes. Hence, I find it thoroughly impressive that Elaine Moxon has managed to write a tale of which two thirds revolves around the androcentric culture and battle lust of the warrior men of a Saxon tribe, and do it as convincingly as Giles Kristian or Rob Low portray their Vikings.”

P Bennett:

“I really enjoyed this book even when unforeseen events shook me and made me put the book down and exclaim, ‘What? No, she didn’t do that, did she? I didn’t see that coming.’ Of course those kinds of reader shaking events are what make a book a page turner, aren’t they? A hearty recommendation and 5 stars…looking forward to the sequel.”

K Ingram:

“The Wolf Sons will take you to a time and place cloaked in darkness and mystery and make it come alive. Pre-order links are up, do get your copy now. Recommended to all who want post Roman Britain and the peopling of that land to come alive. A great read!”


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